Arco dei Cappuccini


Arco dei Cappuccini

Fish restaurant Taormina

Carefully chosen ingredients, atmosphere and a touch of creativity that accompanies our every preparation are the things that are most appreciated by those who come to visit us. We are waiting for you in our fish restaurant in Taormina with many specialties to savor.

Our cuisine

We really prepare for all tastes, without neglecting the quality of all products. Simplicity and at the same time extreme attention to excellence is what we want to offer, in an always winning mix of innovation and tradition. To all this we support the originality of our Chef who manages to enhance in an innovative way the unique flavor of the recipes of our gastronomy.

Selected ingredients

We at Arco dei Cappuccini have always used the best products offered by the territory and by our sea. We personally choose the catch of the day always fresh and cooked in a simple way, to enhance its absolutely natural flavor. Only with a careful selection of ingredients is it possible to create recipes with an unforgettable taste.

Our menu

Our dishes want to be perfect to the eye and also to the palate, to satisfy everyone. From appetizers to desserts, we put on a show of colors that manages to enhance the unmistakable taste of our dishes. Crudité di mare, first and second courses, desserts strictly of our production and many other recipes. Come and discover them.